Goat Cheese Tasting
More than a Goat and cheese tasting

Goat & Sheep

More than a cheese

After the aromatic and medicinal plants visit, you are the host of goat and sheep in their stable.
Enjoy a lifetime experience by milking the goat or sheep.
It’s really an emotional moment. It’s also the best way to presents your thanks to these new friends who gives us their milk for making this exceptional cheese.
At Domaine de La Pommeraie we respect the rhythm of the nature this is why we produce goat or sheep cheeses according to the season. All depends on what kind of herbs our goats and sheep eats!
Enjoy tasting , the Kandri, the Tome Mimouna, The Berbere cedar, The Jben , the Green of Atlas (goat and sheep cheese), the Buchette, the Cendre…
This activity all to Domaine de La Pommeraie to transmit a know how and to allow to local people a social ascension.
This is why this activity more than making cheese!

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